Navigating Crypto Market cycles

2 min readMay 16, 2022


By Femi Babatunde

Co-Founder, Savecoins Technologies.

In May 2021, Tolani -an influenced degenerate decided to purchase 20k USD worth of BTC, Ether & Doge at the top of the market, -his belief was the market will keep going up and he will be a USD millionaire before year-end. We all know what happened. The crypto market experienced a crash and the value of BTC and ether were cut in half and Tolani lost >60% of his portfolio holdings.

How to avoid being like Tolani?

There are a lot of people like Tolani in Crypto, they try to either purchase shitcoins or ape and FOMO into cryptocurrencies that are mostly pumping for no reason.

1st step; Understand that Financial markets are cyclical

This image shows the human psychology towards market cycles.

What does this mean?

Whatever market you are referring to, it all goes through the same phases and is cyclical. They rise, peak, dip and then fall. When one market cycle concludes, the next one begins.

Once you understand that markets are cyclical, you always understand that markets often rise, fall, and consolidate in the value of traded assets.


Diversifying is pretty important in Finance and risk management. It means not putting all your eggs in one basket, -instead of using all budgeted disposable income into one crypto-asset/stock, it is better to research and diversify into assets in different industries or with viable use-cases, teams, and technology used.

Dollar-cost Averaging (Recurring buys)

Crypto Market can be aggressively volatile and with a different model to investing in Traditional Finance, it is pretty hard to consistently bet big on assets to perform.

Best way to cushion this Volatility?

Recurring buys into viable & liquid crypto assets show you don’t know where the asset is going in the long-term but you are considering risk and buying at different stipulated or planned periods to smoothen your average buy price into these assets.

How can Savecoins help?

A vital part of Savecoins’ goal is to build a Robust platform that aids users in automated DCA (Recurring buys) into Crypto, stocks, and crypto-index funds.

NB; nothing here is Financial advice!

image credit; Gabriel Medina.